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We help clients successfully navigate complex business challenges when it comes to People, Process and Technology enabling them to Innovate, Transform and stay ahead of competition. We partner with clients to establish a compelling and inspiring vision, develop world–class capabilities, build a culture of agility, and deliver breakthrough value. Our services are creatively crafted elements that come together to align People, Processes and Technology to the Business Strategy.


The approach to our Consulting Services Practice is built on the 3 core pillars – Processes, People and Technology. Organizations Globally will have the 3 core pillars:

  • Processes that deliver the Outcomes / Results
  • People who follow these Processes by leveraging Technologies
  • Technologies that enable these Processes
If any of these three fail to deliver, the organization will not be able to deliver value and realize its vison and purpose.
Our approach is simple, structured and comprehensible. We start with the outcomes in mind and Empower People, create best practice Processes that are functional and use appropriate Technology enabling them to deliver breakthrough value consistently for our clients.

OUR 5d consulting and transformation framework

Our 5D Consulting and Transformation Framework focusses on Empowering the Organization at the core by Ensuring People, Processes and Technology are Aligned driving Energy, Engagement and Execution Excellence that translates into Performance, Productivity and Profits


Our Consulting Service offerings are Creatively crafted elements coming together to align People, Processes and Technology to Business Strategy. Our Services can be Customized to suit the needs of the Organization and help Create Agility with the right SPRINTS in the Journey of Business / HR / People Transformation
  • We help clients develop a compelling Vision, People Strategy & Systems in alignment with Business Strategy.
  • We audit, assess, evaluate and help create the HR Architecture, HR function & scalable Systems, to help deliver on right capabilities at the right time.
  • We design the HR structure, help build capacity, create service delivery standards and create mechanisms for governance and periodic review
  • We help clients discover, document and improve HR and Operational processes, to make them effective and efficient
  • We help clients adopt and implement the best practice process frameworks like PCMM
  • We create a custom framework to identify People, competencies, practices, equip and empower them to leverage processes and technology to create a performance driven culture to achieve sustainable results
  • We help clients Create and Sustain an Ecosystem for optimal acquisition and Retention of Talent enabling the fulfillment of their personal and professional aspirations
  • The Ecosystem with the Organisational DNA as the foundation enables our clients to Hire & Engage, Care & Develop, Recognize & Reward, Motivate & Inspire, Speak & Listen, Collaborate & Contribute, Train & Retain Talent leading to achievement of sustainable results
  • We help clients build a strong Integration layer to enable People to seamlessly leverage the Processes and Technology
  • We help our clients Evangelize Change, train people to imbibe, embed and integrate the processes & practices to deliver exceptional results
  • Our Change Management process ensues the Institutionalization of Processes and Practices help create a culture of accountability and performance
  • We help clients Nurture a Culture of Learning, Innovation, Performance & Recognition
  • Our Culture Audit will assess the Dominant Culture and the need for Change in alignment with the Mission, Vision and Strategy
  • We work with the Leadership team, Coach them to strengthen the culture and DNA, enable them Navigate through the journey of Transformation
  • We help clients assess their Investment in Technology Infrastructure, enable them to update / upgrade to leverage on the latest technologies
  • We align the Technology Infrastructure to the HR Architecture and Systems to support the Transformation journey
  • We also provide necessary support to our clients to ensure availability and scalability of Technology Infrastructure

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    WHY US?

    Organizational transformation is a journey with a clear strategy, a plan, and a process that gets you from where you are to where you will need to be in the future. If your organization needs to grow, adapt, or change, a shift is necessary—which means a transformation from top to bottom and inside to outside. An outside-in approach helps get the right perspectives and clarity to make the Transformation journey successful.

    We are authentic, passionate and experienced Consultants : Our panel of Consultants have extensive experience and knowledge being a part of several Organizational and Cultural Transformation initiatives and can certainly help you make your Transformation journey smoother and successful


    We derive Meaning and fulfilment by making a real difference: Our panel is passionate about Coaching and Consulting, we place our clients at the centre of our work, go the extra mile to support them to step up to challenges and seize opportunities to achieve desired objectives. We derive meaning and fulfilment by making a difference to our clients


    Form collaborative partnerships that helps evangelize change :We work in collaboration with our clients and become a partner in their journey of transformation and growth by helping them shift paradigms, mindsets, attitudes, thinking and behaviour to embrace and evengelize change


    Our interventions tailored for specific client journey :We deliver interventions that are outcome focussed and tailored to support our clients in their journey of transformation and success. We take complete ownership from design, execution to results and outcomes