“We get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”
Bob Nelson


“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”  Pete Carroll


The International Coaching Federation [ICF] defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

The domain of coaching

The Domain of Professional Coaching can be broadly categorized into Life Coaching and Business Coaching.


Life Coaching is helping People with all aspects of their Life covering personal development, relationships, spirituality, health, wellness and professional success.


Business Coaching is helping professionals discover their strengths, skills, talents and guide them to develop actions to maximize their expertise, mindset and potential.


Benefits Of Coaching at the Personal Level

Coaching has an invaluable Positive Impact on People’s Lives as well as their Careers. The research by ICF and PWC suggested that Coaching helps them to Communicate more Effectively and work more Productively with others, become more Confident and Self-reliant, take greater Responsibility for Actions, gain more Satisfaction from Life and Work, and Commit to Teamwork and Achieving Goals.

Benefits Of Coaching at the Personal Level






Improved Communication Skills


Improved Life/Work Balance

Benefits Of Coaching at the ORGANISATIONAL Level

Coaching in an organisational setting is a powerful tool to empower employees to uplift work performance and drive cultural changes. It helps organisations to demonstrate their commitment to uphold and develop their people. Coaching is effective to improve employee engagement, encourage them to take responsibility, and promote innovation and teamwork.

Benefits Of Coaching at the ORGANISATIONAL Level


Improved Work Performance


Improved Business Management


Improved Time Management


Improved Team Effectiveness

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our Coaching engagement is built on the foundation that every Individual and Organization is unique. We do not use a ‘standard one size fits all approach’. Our Coaching engagement is tailored to a client’s individualized objectives and needs. Our differentiator is in our unique philosophy, which melds analytical reasoning with intuitive compassion. Our approach is based on a proven, strategic and results-oriented methodology with clearly defined goals and action steps, complimented by a deep level of care and inspiration. Our coaching strategies are founded on the latest research in human behaviour, neuroscience, psychometrics, leadership and organizational consulting.

Our coaching Process

Our Coaching Process starts with a Zero session to set the Coaching agenda, followed by an ASSESSMENT phase where we help our clients discover their core beliefs, values, mindsets, natural abilities and strengths through a series of Psychometric tools. The Awareness created through the Assessments would enable clients to leverage strengths, identify clear, manageable objectives, focus on areas of development, identify opportunities for growth, develop concrete plans, access new tools, and take consistent ACTION. This partnership creates an energy that will inspire clients to move forward, be accountable, build momentum, realize their potential, sustain higher levels of ACHIEVEMENT of goals, vision and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Our coaching specialities

Organizational Coaching

  • Our service help organizations achieve strategic objectives, inculcate coaching competency, enhance leadership capability, drive systematic transformation and create cultural change.
  • Our Organizational Coaching Programs are built on latest research in human behaviour, neuroscience, psychometrics, leadership and organizational consulting
  • Our Organizational Coaching Programs are Solution-Focused, Collaborative and Results Oriented
  • Results that our clients get from our programs include:

    1.Accountability for action, outcomes, and results

    2.Improved team performance and morale

    3.Retention of top talent

    4.Increased employee engagement and productivity

    5.A strong leadership pipeline and succession

Executive Coaching

  • Our service is a personalized, 1-2-1 leadership development process that helps Executives at all levels develop leadership skills, change behaviours, build capability and relationships, maximize performance to impact business results
  • Our Program helps Leaders develop self-awareness, adapt thoughts and leadership styles, use emotions intelligently, balance intensity and pressure to perform, engage and develop people
  • Our Organizational Coaching Programs are Solution-Focused, Collaborative and Results Oriented Results that our clients get from our programs include:

    1.Adopt Leadership style to empower teams to be accountable 

    2.Emotional maturity and stronger relationships

    3.Leadership agility to adapt, innovate and collaborate

    4.Improved communication and focus, higher delivery of goals and objectives

    5.Reduced stress & better work life balance

Entrepreneurial Coaching

  • Our service helps Entrepreneurs find answers to four critical questions in their journey of business and life: What do I want and Where do I want to go? (Vision), What do I have to do to get there? (Action), What could get in the way? (Anticipate challenges), How do I hold myself accountable? (Measure)
  • We help the Entrepreneur grow business by discovering their unique talents and capabilities, leverage them to increase profitability, gain accountability, realize business objectives
  • Results that our clients get from our programs include:

    1. A roadmap / Strategic action plan in alignment with Vision

    2.Real break-through value as defined by our clients

    3.Utilize technology to increase performance and efficiency

    4.Build strategic relationships for growth

    5.Leverage 5C’s / 5 P’s for growth

Startup Coaching

  • Our services helps Startups navigate the various stages of the exciting journey from the Idea / Concept validation stage, the Inception / MVP stage, the Planning / Launch stage, the GTM & Customer Acquisition stage, the Seed / Funding stage, the Growth / Sustenance stage with the best practice processes with empathy and expertise
  • Our team makes sure that Startups are empowered with the knowledge, mindsets, skillsets, and resources required to be Successful and make their Journey meaningful and fulfilling
  • Results that our clients get from our programs include:

    1.Idea validation and timing

    2.Strategic business plan

    3.Business model & Value proposition canvas

    4.Team alignment and Execution processes

    5.Story / Pitch / Valuation / Funding

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    WHY US?

    For us coaching is a journey that helps Individuals and Organizations to improve self-awareness and build capability to transform in order to achieve the desired outcome. We as coaches work in partnership with our clients to motivate, challenge and inspire them to explore and utilise their full potential, and generate innovative and sustainable solutions from within.

    We are authentic, passionate and credentialed coaches: Our panel of ICF accredited coaches have extensive experience and knowledge to create inspirational learning experiences, provoke thinking and action.


    We derive Meaning and fulfilment by making a real difference: Coaching is a passion for our panel and we place our clients at the centre of our work, go the extra mile to support them to step up to challenges and seize opportunities to achieve desired objectives. We derive meaning and fulfilment by making a difference to our clients.


    Form collaborative partnerships that change lives: We work in collaboration with our clients and become a partner in their journey of transformation and growth by helping them shift paradigms, mindsets, attitudes, thinking and behaviour and embrace change.


    Our coaching programs are interventions tailored for specific client journey: We deliver interventions that are outcome focussed and tailored to support our clients in their journey of transformation and success. We take complete ownership from design, execution to results and outcomes