We are here to help you in your Journey of Transformation and Success

We believe that every human has immense potential that is untapped. Everything that humans do personally and professionally is a result of the Paradigms they hold. Paradigms are a multitude of habits, beliefs and mindsets formulated over a period of time. To tap and unlock the human potential in an unpredictable environment, it is important to empower and coach people with the right practices that helps them shift the Paradigms to realize and unleash their potential.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower and enable Individuals and Organizations to shift Paradigms, help develop their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual abilities to realize their full potential.

Our Team

Our team works passionately to stitch together the science, art and industry experience to bring out the best in People and Organizations, devise unique interventions, providing catalytic support, in the area of Organization Development and Human Resources Practice areas.

Our Differentiator

We differentiate ourselves by focusing on value creation for our clients. We take pride and joy in our customer-centric approach and help our clients to achieve the desired business outcomes.


“Our value is the sum of our values.”

We embed our values in everything we do, both internally in our team and externally with our clients:

  • We put our clients above all to deliver breakthrough value and positive experience
  • We are committed to excellence in everything we  do
  • We work with honesty, transparency and integrity
  • We are accountable to our work and deliverables
  • We practice teamwork and collaboration internally and externally
  • We trust and respect our clients, invest in building lifelong relationships
We offer a wide range of Consulting, Training and Coaching Services and Partner with our Clients to Build Capability and Embark on the Journey of Transformation. The following are the typical areas where we have helped our clients:
  • Transformation & Change

    • We help organizations define or revisit their Mission, Vision, Values and DNA, create Competency Frameworks, develop People strategies and implement HR transformation programmes
    • We specialise in integrating people strategy with organisational strategy and transformation, we enhance our clients’ organisational performance, productivity and profitability through its people.
  • HR Maturity Assessment

    • We help clients Assess the Maturity of the HR Architecture and Systems using our proprietary framework.
    • We identify the strengths as well as improvement opportunities for scalability and sustainability
    • We assess the need for updates and upgrades to the Systems to make it robust and align with the journey of Transformation
    • We support clients in improving the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the HR function.
  • HR Systems & People Practices

    • We help clients in design and implementation of robust and Integrated HR systems
    • Create contemporary HR philosophy & policies, people practices, systemize and institutionalize them for clients
    • Our human capital management offerings provide both integrated process design and implementation, as well provide post implementation support.
  • Capability & Culture

    • Our Capability Audit and a Culture Audit to helps our clients build and capitalize on the intangible assets
    • We help clients identify the underlying Organizational DNA, culture, personality and initiate the process of transformation
    • We help clients build Organizational and cultural capability to create a High performance organization and delivery on its Mission, Vision and Strategy
  • Leadership Development

    • We help clients to make the right level and right kind of investments in building a robust leadership pipeline
    • We help clients build Leadership capability and competence enabling superior performance, strengthening ownership and accountability to influence results
    • We custom-design and deliver leadership development programs to help leaders at junior, middle and very senior levels to build competence, gain insights and skills in the identified areas. 
  • Coaching & Mentoring

    • We help clients create a culture of continuous learning and improvement by institutionalizing Coaching and Mentoring
    • We setup the formal Coaching process for Mid to Senior leaders in the organization with specific focus on development and performance
    • We help clients setup the Mentoring process and identify, train, manage and govern to develop the leadership pipeline
    • We train and create an internal team of Coaches & Mentors
Success is a journey, not a destination.

We adopt a five-stage transformational approach to develop and implement the optimal solution for our clients. We first DISCOVER and understand their challenges, needs and objectives carefully. Then we help them to construct and DEFINE the business strategy and plan to achieve the organisation’s vision and objectives. After which we apply our industry expertise and blend of consulting, coaching and training to DEVELOP custom intervention programs to up-skill teams. We then DELIVER and implement creative, cost effective and sustainable solutions. And finally we evaluate and DETERMINE the results and course correct to continuously improve performance and accomplish organisational objectives.


Organizations need People who Can do, have the Will to do, Know what to do, do it Right or get it done Right and keep getting better continuously

Our People Transformation Framework focusses on Empowering People with the Right Mindsets, Skillsets and Toolsets to Shift Paradigms and Change the Results and Outcomes Enabling the Organization in its Transformation Journey

150+ Years of Collective Industry Experience

Ganesh Shenoy

Founder & Director

Haresh Patel

Director Consultant
Arjit Mandal

Arijit Mandal

Director Consultant
Sayinath AG

Sayinath A.G

Director Consultant
Thomas v joseph

Thomas V Joseph

Director Consultant
Shailendra rana

Shailendra Rana

Director Consultant


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

We place our clients ahead of anything and everything else, our transformation services evolve around the client’s specific needs and requirements, and we strive to build healthy relationships and provide the best-possible experience to our clients with our capabilities and track of record of delivering strategic, customisable, and impactful solutions. We are committed to not just deliver the solution but be there to help our clients Adopt to the PACE of Change, take ownership for implementation and outcomes.